Custom Thesis Writing ad Editing from Experienced PhD writers in verity of discipline.


We deliver public and onsite courses as well as customized courses for your organizations's specific needs.

Book Writing

Full service company for authors to get their books written and published successfully.


We strive to enhance the wellbeing of students by facilitating their emotional, interpersonal, and intellectual development.

Research Proposals

We provides a full range of research and information services to support all the learning, research and commercial activities

Feasibility Reports

We are committed to delivering independent global clinical trial feasibility and operational risk managment services.


Educational Counseling 

Counseling is also considered as an integral part of educational process. However, stakeholders tend to adopt and pursue different forms of counseling as per requirement of client, age and level of client. Career planning, smart parenting strategies; and teacher training are some of the beneficial forms of educational counseling. Contemporary challenges are diversified and intense in nature demand not only academic achievement from stakeholders but holistic grooming of personality of a human being.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis and its application in enterprises is vital ingredient for development and progress. However, preparation of such financial analysis and statements is not an easy task rather requires professional knowledge and training with appropriate skills. We have identified this need of our professional clients who seems to be looking for trustworthy financial analysts whom they could depend upon for their financial returns and reports.


Professional Development

Professional excellence cannot be attained without professional development to address the contemporary challenges. Hence, training, mentoring, counseling, research and many other such areas to turn ordinary human potential into extra ordinary is certainly our motive. To fulfill this market need we do have customized professional development programs to address various diversified nature of our client needs.


Research & Publication

Since the number of students in tertiary education has been increasing today hence the doors of conducting research and turning research projects into a successful publication is need of the hour. In addition, research has always been considered crucial for academic progression for each scholar. Unfortunately, novice researchers remain unaware about the various dimensions of creating worthwhile research projects. Therefore, they need guidance, support and facilitation at university level.

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About Us

Innovative Educational Solutions is an educational consultancy firm which started providing its services in October 2009. It is a dream comes true of its owner who always remained passionate to bring change through education. Knowledge and experience has proved that education is the only medium if effectively implemented possesses the capacity to transform human potential into peak performers. Therefore, the idea of improving educational institutions came to reality through this unique aspiration.